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Working on a game

2009-06-09 02:46:44 by Brandon-Blaylock

Well i have recently got flash and have been reading and watching a lot of tutorials. I am really interested in creating my own game. most likely a platformer. I haven't been able to get a lot of the code right and it is frustrating me. But if it was easy then I guess everyone would be rich with GTA income. I have a decent,.. well i Think it's actually great storyline.. my problem is the animation and scripting... i am thinking of making a flash movie but am going to wait. the movie will be pretty much the trailer for the game and help add to the main story line/ plot. But like i said animating is a slight disadvantage for me and also voice acting. so i fear my work will not be completed anytime soon. If enough people are intrested i might type up my story here. or even do a flash comic... that actually sounds good.. but i still run into the animation problem.. it's just not as bad of one i guess


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2009-06-09 06:38:13


Brandon-Blaylock responds:

glad you think so. I found someone that has been wanting to do a comic, but hasn't had a good story so we may be working together... i hope it works out


2009-06-15 02:21:32

Try making a game like Howard, I know how to do it know with buttons instead of the text bar. If you want help, just tell me (or you can just ignore me-but that would be rude.)

Brandon-Blaylock responds:

i was thinking of doing something like that with buttons, which is why i suggested it in your flash. but i still run into the animation (meaning the actual art) i have trouble making it all the way i want.


2009-06-15 13:46:42

If you can't find anybody to work on a game with you, I'd be glad to help.


2009-07-27 21:56:27

i can help with things, (Thats if you want me to) i'm kinda good with animation and art! :D